This week I received a new trade package from Wolfmond Production. I can highly recommend Wolfmond Production as a trade partner! This was one of the smoothest trades I have ever made.

The following items are now available in the store:

Totensucht - "Trimurti" CD
All products Totensucht - "Trace of a cosmic journey"  CD
Projekt Nebelkrähe - "Deutsches Requiem" CD
Asgard / Transzendenz - "Leuchtenstadt / Schreie Aus Dem Winterwald" CD
Todesschrei - "Sturmgeister" CD
Spectral Dance - "Standing Bloodied And Victorious" CD
Waeltaja - "Reconstructing Solitude" CD
Nex Feretrum - "Hymns To The Black Cathedral" Pro CDr