Now that the new website is finally finished, I've found time to work through the lingering trade packages. Thanks to Warheart, Human Noise Records and Kuyen Prod! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a trade.

Lord Wind - "The Forest Is My Kingdom" CD
Graveland - "Ogień Przebudzenia" CD
Graveland - "Pamięć I Przeznaczenie" CD
Graveland - "Prawo Stali" CD
Graveland - "In The Glare Of Burning Churches" CD
Graveland - "Świt Stalowych Ostrzy" CD
Graveland - "Celtic Winter" CD
Besatt - "Impia Symphonia" CD
Besatt - "Nine Sins" CD
Besatt - "Sacrifice For Satan" CD
Besatt - "Hellstorm" CD
Besatt - "Hail Lucifer / Roots Of Evil" CD
Besatt - "Anticross" CD
Cold - "A Grotesque Portrait Of Oldest Times" CD
Somnvs Mortis - "El Advenimiento De Las Pesadillas Perpetuas" 2xCD
Licht- Und Schattensaiten - "Wie Ein Baum Aus Dem Nebel" CD
Skarntyde - "Flukt Fra Menneskeligheten" CD
Hate Rising - "Communion With The Death" CD
Põhjast - "Matused" CD
Vintergata - "Lands Of Plague" CD
Sammath Naur - "Limits Were To Be Broken" CD
Fosa - "Demo MMXVI" CD
Aura Hiemis - "Wenn Der Regen Fällt" CD
1879 - "Sangre, Barbarie Y Horror" CD