This label is deeply rooted in the trading community. That's why all items on this site are not only available for purchase but also for trade. If you are interested in trading with us, feel free to send us a trade request via email.



Important Information:

1. Please be aware: We can not accept every request.

2. If you send us a trade request, include your latest trade list.

3. Private persons and persons we don't know yet will have to send their part of the trade first.

4. Package your trade items well!!!

For smaller trades, send everything that has a plastic case within it. For larger trades, it is acceptable to ship items without plastic cases. In this case, make sure to separate booklets, inlayer, and so on from the sound recordings, wrap them appropriately, and pack them into thick cardboard. Items with no plastic case, like digipaks, digisleeves, vinyl etc., should be wrapped in a protective sleeve and thick cardboard.

5. Rip off's and persons who send us bootlegs will be made public.


1. Der neue Weg - Releases


[DNW054] Empty Life - "Silent Watchers" CD
[DNW049] Empty Life - "Broken Ways" CD
[DNW048] Empty Life - "In The Shadow Of Decay" CD
[DNW047] Empty Life - "Demons" CD
[DNW046] Absence Of Life - "Instinct of Self-Destruction" CD
[DNW044] Dymna Lotva - "Палын" CD
[DNW043] Ljuska - "Vessel of The Void" CD
[DNW042] Hovert - "больше ничего" CD
[DNW041] Utvar - "Matr & Bespuća" Double CD
[DNW040] Utvar - "Valcer tišine i njene senke"CD
[DNW039] Dymna Lotva - "Зямля пад чорнымі крыламі: Дрыгва" CD
[DNW038] Falskur Fugl - "Танцы на костях" CD
[DNW037] Epiphanie - "Der deutsche Michel - Eine Neuinszenierung" CD
[DNW036] Ty - "The Golden Soul and the Hunger Feelings" CD
[DNW035] Чиста Криниця - "Azovec`" CD
[DNW034] Чиста Криниця – "Krynycyada" CD
[DNW032] Anachoret - "Horizont" CD
[DNW029] Schmerz - "Vertigo" CD
[DNW028] Rusting Sun - "Far from all light" CD
[DNW027] Silent Thoughts - "Into Empathy" CD
[DNW026] Vérzivatar - "Carmina Nocte Mages" CD
[DNW024] Idisenfluch - "Vergänglichkeit" CD (Last Copies)
[DNW021] Mourning Soul - "Kisulen" CD (Last Copies)

2. Abstrakte Wunden - Official Distribution


[AW018] Grauzeit - Symbiose Tape
[AW017] Hjel - "Kalte Asche" Pro CDr
[AW016] Grauzeit - "Antagonist" Tape
[AW014] Lovesilkpalemilk - "Noble Origin" Pro CDr
[AW013] Lovesilkpalemilk - "Honey Noire" Pro CDr
[AW012] Lovesilkpalemilk - "EP II" Pro CDr
[AW011] Lovesilkpalemilk - "Your skin- pale as milk I & II" Double Pro CDr
[AW008] Lovesilkpalemilk - "Sagor & Sanningar" Pro CDr
[AW007] Lovesilkpalemilk - "Cavemen" Tape
[AW006] Sturmfolk - "Von Dunkler Nordischer Schönheit" Pro CDr
[AW005] Lovesilkpalemilk ‎– "Mircea" Pro CDr

3. Oskorei Bild Und Tonkunst - Official Distribution


[OBTK 025] Silberbach - "Terror Aus Fleisch Und Blut" Tape
[OBTK 023] Dawn Of Sorrow - "Pre-Emptive Strike: The Honor Gained And The Blood Spilled" Tape
[OBTK 020] Dwarka – Donkere Tijden Tape
[OBTK 014] Бодхисатва - "Преодоление сансары" Tape
[OBTK 011] Various - "Vereint Im Kampf" Tape