Vintergata - "Lands Of Plague"

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Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Warheart
Limitation: Unknown

1. In Steel Breath Of Severe Cold
2. Pestilent Carrion
3. Mirror Of Archon
4. Wyvern
5. A Song Of Ice And Fire
6. Queen Of The Damned
7. Entropy
8. Witches Circle
9. Fra Vannhulet i Sitt Skarete Hjerte
10. The Curse
11. Death In Fire (Bonus Track)
12. All We Are (Bonus Track)
13. A Song Of Ice And Fire (Orchestral 2012) (Bonus Track)
14. The Curse (Orchestral 2012) (Bonus Track)
15. Litanies To The Moon (Bonus Track)

Total playtime: Unknown

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