Via Dolorosa / Wintercold - "Extreme Aggression"

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Genre: Black Metal / Doom Metal
Format: CD
Label: War Kommand Records
Limitation: 500 copies

1. Invictus (Via Dolorosa)
2. Amaratva (Via Dolorosa)
3. Reikon (Anima) (Via Dolorosa)
4. Dharmakshetra (Via Dolorosa)
5. Imperium (Via Dolorosa)
6. Abdication Of Humanity (Instrumental) (Wintercold)
7. A Sign From Sun And Light (Wintercold)
8. In Kibbled Earth, Soil And Ocean (Wintercold)
9. Vägen Mellan Livet Och Döden (The Road Between Life And Death) (Wintercold)
10. Reaching Victory (Wintercold)

Total playtime: 0:36:05

Release at Metal Archives

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