Various - "Southern Elite Circle Compilation"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Dark Hidden Productions
Limitation: Unknown

1. NS Vanguard In The Austral Lands (Ulfhethnar)
2. Nietschean Will (Nachtgeblüt)
3. La Cima Del Trueno (Argenraza)
4. Montes (Permafrost)
5. La Tierra Blanca (Argentum)
6. Crimenes De Lesa Historidad (Campo De Mayo)
7. The Scream Of The Eagle (Old Solo Version) (Furor)
8. A Call For The Rising Mists (Ulfhethnar)
9. In Dark Old Chambers (Nachtgeblüt)
10. Back Into The Forests (Campo De Mayo)
11. F4xE5 ++ (Fin De La Humanidad) (Argenraza)
12. Ancient Pest (Furor)
13. Jose Antonio (Argentum)
14. Moonlit Landscapes (Permafrost)

Total playtime: Unknown

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