Various - "Dunkelheit"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: Tape
Label: Todesschrei Produktionen
Limitation: 300 copies

A1. Intro (Hordagaard)
A2. Du I Er Helvete (Hordagaard)
A3. Kriegskjetta (Herskar)
A4. Utumno (Morannon)
A5. Tempestous Semonizers Of Forthcoming Death (Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult)
A6. Obscurity Of Mind (Isolation)
A7. Inhale The Night (Blackcrowned)
A8. Superior Black Flame (Riddle Of Meander)
A9. Song For The Enemy (Luctus)
B10. Intro (Genocide)
B11. Deny Jesus Christ (Genocide)
B12. Flak (Elohim)
B13. S/T (Inmitten Des Waldes)
B14. Draugen (Draugurz)
B15. Oublié De Tous (Défaillance)
B16. Hateful Visions (Funeral Forest)
B17. Into The Circles Of The Time (Namelezz Projekt)
B18. Audial Sedative I (Valium)
B19. Misanthropic Dreams (Suicide Solution)

Total playtime: Unknown

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