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Genre: New Age / Black Metal / Drone / Ambient
Format: 2x Tape + Logo Pin
Label: A.M.F. Productions / Oskorei Bild Und Tonkunst
Limitation: 200 copies

A1. Introduction
A2. The Land Of The Four Suyus
A3. The Ceque System
A4. Viracocha (The True Sun)
A5. Mountains Of Palpa
A6. Catequil (God Of Thunder And Lightning)
B1. Flight Of The Condor
B2. Ka-Ata-Killa
B3. Arrival Of The Gods
B4. ...From The Stars
B5. The Lake
B6. Gold (The Sweet Of The Sun)
C1. The Dream Goes On
C2. Signs Of The End
C3. Indian Spirit
C4. The Arrival Of The Conquerors
D1. Occupation
D2. Years Of Darkness
D3. End Of It All

Total playtime: 2:04:05

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