Somnia - "Above Space And Time"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: 2x CD
Label: Hidden Marly Production
Limitation: 100 copies

1-1. Лише Одна Мить / In A Trice
1-2. Птахи Минулого / Birds Of The Past
1-3. Як Попіл… / Like Ashes...
1-4. Останній Спогад / The Last Recollection
1-5. Пустий Потік Буття / Empty Stream Of Being
1-6. Шлях У Безодню / The Road To Abyss
1-7. Majestic Desolate Eye (Darkthrone Cover)
2-1. The Last Recollection
2-2. The Road To Abyss
2-3. Birds Of The Past

Total playtime: 1:01:32

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