Seges Findere - "Massacre Supremacista"

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Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Format: CD
Label: Battlefront Distro / Pagan War Distro
Limitation: Unknown

1. Intro
2. Superior Kult Ov Totenkopf
3. Infuriated
4. Spread Hate Crime
5. Burn Judea Porks
6. Pogromistic Prophecy
7. Intolerant Black Metal Warskins
8. Worship The Absolute Terror
9. Purified By Warlokaust
10. The Conqueror Speech
11. Invokation Ov Bubonic Slaughterisation
12. Iron Resistance
13. Apokalyptic Wolves Ov Waffen
14. Atomize The Breath Ov S...
15. Outro

Total playtime: 0:35:57

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