Seges Findere - "Death To Peace Is Our Gospel"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: Tape
Label: A.M.F. Productions / Eternal Battleground Productions
Limitation: Unknown

A1. Bleeding Deathlust
A2. In Rapture I Kill
A3. Revelations In Death And Fire
A4. Devastation... Bloodlands!
A5. Evil Harvester
A6. War To Rex Judeaorum
B1. Bloodrain On The Corpseforests
B2. Total Angelical Genocide
B3. Embracing Ye Dragon Flames (1999' Version)
B4. Warfare Summoning
B5. Shine Black The Sun, Shine Blood The Moon
B6. Embracing Ye Dragon Flames (2000' Version)

Total playtime: 41:02

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