Sammath Naur - "Limits Were To Be Broken"

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Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Symphonic Metal
Format: 2xCD
Label: Warheart
Limitation: Unknown


1-1. Limits Are To Broken
1-2. The Endless Cycle
1-3. Ecstasy In Pain
1-4. Grudzień
1-5. Harm
1-6. The Pit
1-7. The Koor-Seth Tribe
1-8. Król-Duch
1-9. The Sinister Manifest Of Power
1-10. Beyond The Limits
1-Video. Harm (Bonus Track)

Total playtime: 42:01


2-1. Drowned - Intro
2-2. Grand Liberation
2-3. Comedy On Earth
2-4. The Anhedony Domain
2-5. Pyrrhic Beat
2-6. Let Them Die
2-7. Eleven XXIII
2-8. Melody Of Eleven Lives
2-9. Mother North (Bonus Track)
2-Video. On The Altar Of Mars (Bonus Track)

Total playtime: 42:27

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