Ordem Maligna - "Automated Universal Dictatorship - Absolute Demoniac Opression In 3666"

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Genre: Death Metal
Format: Tape
Label: Iron Avantgard Records
Limitation: 666 copies

1. Mechathronic Recrucifixion Of The Hebrew Human-God / Mega Pazuzu's Manifestation In Hologram Form
2. Opressive Onipresent Interconnected System All Over Terrestrial Sphere / Repulsive Conditions Caused For A Demoniac Biomechanoid Murder
3. Shub-Niggurath's High-Tech Dominion, Central Tera Dome / Human Process Eradication-Titanium Lineage's Systematic Substitution
4. Asphyxiated By Nebulous Apparitions (The Message Code 666 / Digital Anti-Christ) / Codified Sub-Dimensions Of Universal Hate

Total playtime: 0:12:52

Release at Metal Archives

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