Nadiwrath / Preteen Deathfuk - "Throne of Desecration"

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Genre: Crust Punk / Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Hidden Marly Production
Limitation: Unknown

1. Pathetic Human Stains (Nadiwrath)
2. Psycho Scum (Nadiwrath)
3. Piss Off (Nadiwrath)
4. Crush The Jewish Prophet (Inquisition Cover) (Nadiwrath)
5. The Path To Endless Self Destruction (Preteen Deathfuk)
6. Prisoners Of Flesh (Preteen Deathfuk)
7. Beguiling Through Ceremony (Preteen Deathfuk)
8. Theres No Escape (You Should've Listened) (Preteen Deathfuk)

Total playtime: 27:52    

Release at Metal Archives

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