In Tenebriz / Хладновзор - "Ветер Забвений"

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Genre: Depressive Black Metal / Ambient Black / Doom Metal
Format: CD
Label: Deleting Soul Records
Limitation: 500 copies

1. Ветру Боли Чашу (Wind Cup Pain) (Хладновзор)
2. Волны Зверем Стервенелым (Waves Evil Beast) (Хладновзор)
3. One Step To Insanity (Хладновзор)
4. Сверкая На Ладонях Иссохших Ветвей (Flashing On The Palms Of Withered Branches) (In Tenebriz)
5. Пепел Звезд (Ashes Stars) (In Tenebriz)
6. Сердце В Сплетении Корней (Heart In A Tangle Of Roots) (In Tenebriz)
7. Омут (Slough) (In Tenebriz)

Total playtime: 1:01:20

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