Funeral Forest / Ravagar - "Der Anfang Des Hasses Und Des Übels"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: Tape
Label: A.M.F. Productions
Limitation: Unknown

A1. The Call Of Crom (Funeral Forest)
A2. The Song Of The Brave Warriors (Funeral Forest)
A3. The Depressive Visions Of The Cursed Warrior (Burzum Cover) (Funeral Forest)
A4. Winter Mayhem (Funeral Forest)
A5. Words Of Suffering (Funeral Forest)
A6. Legion Of Darkness (Funeral Forest)
B1. Fading Aurora (Ravagar)
B2. At Wild Harvest Of Swan (Ravagar)
B3. Beyond The Flames Of Fury (Ravagar)
B4. Clare Of Mourning (Ravagar)
B5. Tears Of The Purest Sunset Of Time (Ravagar)

Total playtime: 1:22:33

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