Feto In Fetus / Fulcrum / Norylsk - "The Strange Case Of The Missing Corpse - 3 Way Split"

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Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal / Progressive Death Metal
Format: CD
Label: Angelaids Records
Limitation: Unknown

1. Deformed Your Face (Feto In Fetus)
2. Funeral (Held In Atrocious Enslavement) (Feto In Fetus)
3. A Good Day To Die (Feto In Fetus)
4. Bugs Crawling Up My Arms (Feto In Fetus)
5. Rotten Maggots (Feto In Fetus)
6. Sick.Sick.Sick (Feto In Fetus)
7. Be Without Fear (Feto In Fetus)
8. Deaf Death (Dead Infection Cover) (Feto In Fetus)
9. Fuel For Hatred (Satyricon Cover) (Feto In Fetus)
10. Delete (Fulcrum)
11. Void (Fulcrum)
12. 25 (Fulcrum)
13. Yellon (Fulcrum)
14. Sandbox (Fulcrum)
15. Turbocharger (Fulcrum)
16. Rot (Fulcrum)
17. Essence (Fulcrum)
18. In The Likeness Of God (Norylsk)
19. Hipocrite (Norylsk)
20. In Defense Of Women (Norylsk)
21. Its Over (Dead Infection Cover) (Norylsk)

Total playtime: 39:14

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