Epitimia / Gmork - "Солнечный ветер / Четыре сезона"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Dark East Productions / Deleting Soul Records
Limitation: 500 copies

1. Untitled (Epitimia)
2. Morning Star (Epitimia)
3. Melencolia I (Epitimia)
4. Untitled (Epitimia)
5. Faceless Glow (Epitimia)
6. Lose Yourself (Summer) (Gmork)
7. And the Wind Tears the Soul Apart (Autumn) (Gmork)
8. They don't Know Pain and Fear (Winter) (Gmork)
9. Requiem (Spring) (Gmork)

Total playtime: 37:37

Release at Metal Archives

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