Empty Life - "In The Shadow Of Decay"

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Genre: Post Rock / Avantgarde / Shoegaze
Format: CD
Label: Der Neue Weg
Limitation: 200 copies

1. Last Snow
2. For My Lost Friend
3. Visions
4. Forgotten Times
5. Gone
6. The Room
7. Lost In The Mountains
8. Everything Disappears

Total playtime: 0:40:40

Release at Bandcamp
Release at Metal Archives


This CD is available for free. My goal is to help this band reach a wider audience and offer more people the opportunity to acquire a physical release.

If you appreciate this approach and would like to support the label, you can contribute a small amount through the tip option during the check out.
Your support is highly valued, and all the funds collected will be used for future releases.

To avoid exploitation, a maximum of 1 copy per customer is allowed. In case of violation, I reserve the right to cancel the order.

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