Dwarka / Ravagar / Twilight / Vvrika - "Thinking, Feeling, Willing"

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Genre: Neofolk / Black Metal / Ambient
Format: Tape
Label: A.M.F. Productions
Limitation: Unknown

A1. VIII (Dwarka)
A2. Kwaadspreker (Twilight)
A3. Wood (Vvrika)
A4. At Wild Harvest Of Swan (Ravagar)
A5. Knotsslag (Twilight)
A6. Night Of The Forest's Breath (Vvrika)
A7. Vrijheid (Dwarka)
B1. As Blood And Iron (Ravagar)
B2. Een Droevig Lied Van Vergeten Kennis (Dwarka)
B3. Stille Weemoed (Twilight)
B4. Forest Grief (Ravagar)
B5. As Land Turns To The Wheel (Vvrika)
B6. Volle Maan (Dwarka)
B7. Untitled (Twilight)

Total playtime: 01:28:23

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