Chronocide / Fifteen Dead - "Chronocide / Fifteen Dead"

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Genre: Black Metal / Crust / Grindcore
Format: CD
Label: Le Crépuscule Du Soir
Limitation: Unknown

1. Carrion Dawn For The Vultures (Chronocide)
2. Milgram's 26 (Chronocide)
3. Le Mano Negra (Chronocide)
4. Pathos Unknown (Chronocide)
5. The Whore And The Preacher (Chronocide)
6. Pillar Of Salt (Chronocide)
7. False Conviction (Fifteen Dead)
8. Humanity Suffers (Fifteen Dead)
9. Introversion (Fifteen Dead)
10. Fuck Trve Cvlt (Fifteen Dead)
11. In Closing (Fifteen Dead)

Total playtime: 41:37

Release at Metal Archives

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