Capricornus / Der Stuermer - "Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against..."

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Pagan War Distro
Limitation: Unknown

1. Sun Wheel On The Helmet Of Steel (Capricornus)
2. War And Courage (Capricornus)
3. When The Hell Is Full (Capricornus)
4. Fenrir Unleashed (Instr.) (Capricornus)
5. Sons Of Thunder (Der Stuermer)
6. Revenge Burns Eternal (Der Stuermer)
7. ...Bis In Den Tod! (Der Stuermer)
8. The Nailbomber (Der Stuermer)
9. H.H.! (Der Stuermer)

Total playtime: 0:36:20

Release at Metal Archives

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