Calvarium Funestus / Khaos Abyssi / Mystes / Nekrokrist XX - "Four Chapters Of Satanic Evil"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: Tape
Label: SFH Records
Limitation: 100 copies

A1. Battlefield (Mystes)
A2. Deadly Riders (Mystes)
A3. Scars (Nekrokrist XX)
A4. Nekrokrist (Nekrokrist XX)
B1. Into... (Khaos Abyssi)
B2. The True Signs (Khaos Abyssi)
B3. Dead Gods (Khaos Abyssi)
B4. Plague And Pest (Khaos Abyssi)
B5. Kult Ov Funestum Spiritus (Calvarium Funestus)
B6. Call Of The Imperial Throne (Calvarium Funestus)

Total playtime: 0:46:34

Release at Metal Archives

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