Blessed In Sin - "Eritis Sicut Dii"

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Genre: Black Metal / Ambient
Format: CD
Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Limitation: Unknown

1. Eko
2. Hierophant
3. Aradia
4. Prometheus (The Breath Of The Dragon)
5. Ego Sum
6. Henochiel (Révélation, La Femme Ecarlate)
7. Gardien (Part 1)
8. Opus Alchymicum
9. Gardien (Part 2)
10. Ouverture: The Tears Of Babylon
11. Uda Gub Babilim
12. Benies Soient...
13. Et Le Fruit Du Jardin Pourrit
14. Je Jure
15. Children Of Tiamat
16. Persévérance
17. Paraphrase From The Stele Of Revealing

Total playtime: 1:18:20

Release at Metal Archives

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