Black Altar / Thornspawn / Varathron - "Emissaries Of The Darkened Call - Three Nails In The Coffin Of Humanity"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Black Death Coven Records / Black Saw Records
Limitation: Unknown

1. Nighthynter (Black Altar)
2. I'm Demon (Black Altar)
3. Deep Cut Into The Open Wound Of Mankind (Black Altar)
4. Arawn's Reich (Varathron)
5. Black Swamp (Varathron)
6. Ancient Warrior (Cover Of Black Sabbath) (Varathron)
7. Baphobanner (Flag Of Horror) (Thornspawn)
8. Deceased Divinity (Pious Pulpit Burnt To Ashes) (Thornspawn)
9. Deathlust (Thornspawn)
10. Thorns Of Black Spawned From The Altars Of Northarav (Thornspawn)

Total playtime: Unknown

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