Bewitched - "Unveiling Z.: The Mother's Return"

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Genre: Black Metal / Doom Metal
Format: Tape
Label: Night Birds Records / Thule Records
Limitation: 300 copies

A1. Ancient Fortress Evocation (For The Glory Of Chaos)
A2. The Winter's Rover (Hibernum In Perpetuum)
A3. Stjärnstoft
A4. Insurrection (For The Pagan Blood)
A5. Into The Ardent Awaited Land (Falkenbach Cover)
A6. A Feast For The Antichrist
B7. Elven Summoning From Midgard
B8. The Path Of Sorrow And Doom (Part I)
B9. The Path Of Sorrow And Doom (Part II)
B10. Ragnarokk For A New Beginning
B11. The Ragnarokk Song (The Return Of The Mother)

Total playtime: 01:14:00

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