Benighted In Sodom / Chaos Moon / Frostmoon Eclipse - "Beauty. Darkness. Chaos."

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Ars Magna Recordings
Limitation: Unknown

1. Bitter Immortality, The Sunken Hull (Chaos Moon)
2. I, Sewn In Decay (Chaos Moon)
3. I, Birthed In Filth (Chaos Moon)
4. Shores Of Silence (Frostmoon Eclipse)
5. In The Vault (Frostmoon Eclipse)
6. The Thing On The Doorstep (Frostmoon Eclipse)
7. Providence, 1937-03-15 (Frostmoon Eclipse)
8. Liquid Flowing From A Slashed Wrist (Benighted In Sodom)
9. Solarium (Benighted In Sodom)
10. The Surrogate (Benighted In Sodom)
11. Dreamscape Overdose (Benighted In Sodom)

Total playtime: 1:12:22

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