Begotten / Deviator / Moloch - "On The Stub Of Fate New Life Will Not Grow"

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Genre: Black Metal / Dark Ambient
Format: CD
Label: Deleting Soul Records
Limitation: 500 copies

1. Why My Soul In Coldness (Moloch)
2. Philosophie Der Depression (Moloch)
3. Die Menschheit Ist Nichts Ohne Der Natur (Moloch)
4. Dark Side Of Human Depression (Moloch)
5. Where The Sun Goes Down… (Begotten)
6. The Native Land (Begotten)
7. Under The Moon’s Shining… (Begotten)
8. Undying Darkness (Instrumental) (Deviator)
9. Hail Black Metal Krieg (Deviator)
10. Black Sorrow (Deviator)

Total playtime: 36:14

Release at Metal Archives

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