Bard Brann / Ekove Efrits - "Key To The Kingdom Of Shadows"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Midwinter Records
Limitation: 500 copies

1. The Opening (Intro) (Bard Brann)
2. The Living Lie (Bard Brann)
3. Light Upon Light (Bard Brann)
4. Aadi Al Insaan (Enemy Of Mankind) (Bard Brann)
5. Rememberance (Instrumental) (Bard Brann)
6. My Concubine (Bard Brann)
7. Sunken On The Sea Of Nihility (Intro) (Ekove Efrits)
8. Depression Philosophy (Ekove Efrits)
9. Tears Of The Cold Winter (Ekove Efrits)
10. Whispers Of Suicide (Ekove Efrits)
11. From The Mournful Soul (Ekove Efrits)
12. Whispers Of Death (Ekove Efrits)
13. At The Way Of Slaughterhouse (Outro) (Ekove Efrits)

Total playtime: 1:05:35

Release at Metal Archives

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