Arvas / Hordagaard - "Uncle Satan / Dawn Of Satan"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Azermedoth Records
Limitation: 980 copies

1. Uncle Satan (Bonus) (Hordagaard)
2. Li Og Lei (Hordagaard)
3. Den Evig (Hordagaard)
4. Serpentspit In Holywater (Hordagaard)
5. The Curse (Hordagaard)
6. Trollstemt (Hordagaard)
7. Daa Den Siste Fraus Tels (Hordagaard)

Total playtime: 0:28:26 
8. As I Lay Dying -Instr- (Arvas)
9. As Sorrow As Joy (Arvas)
10. By War They Came (Arvas)
11. Cursed To Live (Arvas)
12. Night And Her Blood (Arvas)
13. Oath And Awe (Arvas)
14. The Spirits Beyond -Instr- (Arvas)

Total playtime: 0:47:28

Release at Metal Archives

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