Abigail / Deiphago / Ironfist - "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters"

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Genre: Death Metal / Black / Thrash Metal
Format: CD
Label: Slava Productions
Limitation: 666 copies

1. Witching Hell (Abigail)
2. The Crown Bearer (Abigail)
3. Attack With Spell (Abigail)
4. Confound Eternal (Abigail)
5. Ilona The Very Best (Bulldozer Cover) (Abigail)
6. Scavengers Of The Undying (Ironfist)
7. Silent Sorrow (Nuctemeron Cover) (Ironfist)
8. Tyrannikal Adversaries (Ironfist)
9. Serpent Goddess Sexxekution (Ironfist)
10. Masstormenting Shocking Asian Massakre (Ironfist)
11. Death To Everything (Deiphago)
12. Rapeslay Of The Virgin Mary (Deiphago)
13. Sacrifice For Satan (Deiphago)
14. Masofukkchrist (Deiphago)
15. Eurynomos (Hellhammer Cover) (Deiphago)

Total playtime: 0:53:49

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