Even though the world is undeniably on a downward spiral, last year wasn't all that bad, at least from my label's perspective. I've released four new CDs, shipped hundreds of packages, and launched a new website/webshop. All in all, I'm satisfied. Thanks to everyone who supported me, especially those who took the time to listen to my releases. I know there is a flood of alternatives.
Anyway, 2023 brings a significant change. My label now falls under the small business regulation in Germany. This means that I no longer have to charge VAT on all items in the store. This helps me to offset the rising costs of shipping, production, etc. and even ensures that I can offer some things cheaper. 
Last but not least, the roadmap planned so far for 2023:
DNW050: Empty Life - "Somewhere Far Away"
DNW051: Empty Life - "Distance"
DNW052: Empty Life - "Satellite" EP
DNW053: Empty Life - "The Cold Universe"
DNW055: Epiphanie - "Hundejahre" EP