New Empty Life releases are available now!

DNW050: Empty Life - "Somewhere Far Away" CD lim. 200
DNW051: Empty Life - "Distance" CD lim. 200
DNW052: Empty Life - "Satellite" EP CD lim. 100
DNW053: Empty Life - "The Cold Universe" CD lim. 200

All CDs are available for free/pay-what-you-want at my website and bandcamp site.

Furthermore, I have decided to make all my previous releases available for free/pay-what-you-want as well.
My goal is to help these bands reach a wider audience and offer more people the opportunity to acquire physical releases.

If you appreciate this approach and would like to support me and the bands,
you can contribute a small amount through the pay-what-you-want option on Bandcamp or the tip option on my website.
Your support is highly valued, and all the funds collected will be used for future releases.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Comming Soon:

Lost In Emptiness - "Hatred"
Epiphanie - "Hundejahre" EP