New trades with Ancestrale Production and Misantropia Records.
The following items are now available in the store:

Kalmankantaja - "Ahdistus MMXXI" CD
Nazgul Rising - "Cycles Of Primal Chaos" CD
Sielunvihollinen / Sudentaival Split CD
Aeterna Tenebrae - "Maledictus Aeternum" CD
Draugen - "Among The Lonely Shades" CD
Ehre / Sudentaival - "Voittomme Symboli" Split CD
Léthifère - "Imprécation" CD
Léthifère - "Envie La Mort" CD
Langenneet - "Kuilun Varjoissa" CD
Langenneet - "Aionin Soihtu" CD