Wolfenhords - "The Truth Shall Set You Free"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: Tape
Label: Primitivum Productions
Limitation: 88 copies

1. Occult Orchid
2. Bastard Religion
3. The Cartel Of Blood
4. Holokaust Kršćanstva (Melkor Cover)
5. European Tragedy
6. Kozoglav
7. Kult Folk
8. They Live
9. Sweet Torment (Hellhammer Cover)
10. The Truth Shall Set You Free
11. The Warriors Of The Underground
12. War (Burzum Cover)
13. Vampire Hunters
14. Saturn Rising
15. The Vault
16. Welcome To Croatia
17. Message To Marija Oršić

Total playtime: 01:24:23

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