Gnieu / Lascowiec - "Marching With The Blizzard's Rage"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: Tape
Label: A.M.F. Productions / Werewolf Promotion / Wulfrune Worxxx
Limitation: 500 copies

A1. Blue-Eyedland's Horizon Will Flare With Fiery Crimson (Gnieu)
A2. Disobedient Spirit Of Wind (Gnieu)
A3. Breathtaking Taste Of Enemy Blood (Gnieu)
A4. Through The Mist Of Hazy Expanse (Gnieu)
A5. In The Azure Neman's Blood (Gnieu)
B1. Marvels Of Fog (Lascowiec)
B2. Burned Bridges And Poisoned Wells (Lascowiec)
B3. Hunger Of Heart's Flame (Lascowiec)
B4. Surrounded By Enemies Awaiting Glory In Death (Lascowiec)
B5. The Son Of Hyperborean Cold (Lascowiec)
B6. Before The Birth Of Storm (Lascowiec)
B7. Battle Chorus To Infinity (Lascowiec)

Total playtime: 0:51:12

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