Fuck Off And Die! - "Sociopathic Regression"

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Inferna Profundus Records
Limitation: Unknown

1. Pulse Of Self Destruction Pt.1
2. An Instant Of Martyrdom
3. Sociopathic Regression
4. Crescendo Of Apocalypse
5. Self Destructional Vomit
6. Lithuanian Madness
7. To Destroy Everything That I Created
8. Pulse Of Self Destruction Pt.2
9. Pink Emptiness
10. No Future No Sense
11. Soldier Of Disgust
12. 25 Scars
13. Roots Of Misanthropy
14. Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels [Silencer Cover]
15. Pulse Of Self Destruction Pt.3
16. Fists Of Solitude
17. Un Campo Di Sterminio E Solo Due Persone

Total playtime: 41:16

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