Eindig / Happy Days - "The First Step Towards Suicide"

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Genre: Black Metal / Depressive Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Funeral Industries / Galgenstrang Productions / Self Mutilation Services
Limitation: 1000 copies

1. Clinging Onto A Chance Of Happiness (Happy Days)
2. A Bleak Future That Awaits Us (Happy Days)
3. Too Sick To Speak (Instrumental) (Happy Days)
4. Screams That Go Unheard (Happy Days)
5. De Nacht (Eindig)
6. Ter Aarde (Eindig)
7. As Tot Stof, Stof Tot As (Eindig)
8. Bloedspoor (Eindig)

Total playtime: 0:37:52

Release at Metal Archives

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